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Laser120 wrote:

I used the greenenergy monitor to measure power consumption of my apple laptop, and it's using about 60 wH on average. Is this normal? are there ways to reduce this consumption? has anyone measured charging it then using battery vs plugging the laptop all the time? 

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riktemmink20 wrote:
That sounds about right to me. The screen settings will make a big difference - if you reduce the brightness the laptop will use less power. The other component that uses a lot of power is the fan.
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js200 wrote:
I've just measured the electricity consumption of my laptop. When fully charged (green light) and idle (CPU ~4%) with the screen at about 50% brightness it consumes roughly 16 Watts. The screen brightness doesn't change this too much (about 1 Watt either side for the whole range). It is quite a small screen and is LED backlit. I imagine a larger florescent backlit screen would provide bigger savings. The largest variable is the CPU. If I run a benchmark that stresses the processor then the power consumption almost doubles to about 29 Watts. So if you want to reduce energy use make sure you haven't got any intensive background tasks running (such as bitcoin miners or SETI@home). Charging (orange light) will draw more current but this isn't exactly lost as it is stored and used to run the laptop when on batteries. There are losses as the process isn't totally efficient but I'll ignore this for now to keep it simple.
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Patrizia20 wrote:
I compared the consumption of my MacBook (6 years old laptop) fully charged and with CPU ~3% when the screen was at 100%, 70% and 50% of brightness. The Energynote device was displaying 0,015Kw for 100% of brightness, 0,010Kw for 70%, and 0,010Kw (again) for 50%. In my opinion, the screen at 100% is too bright (I used this brightness just when I watch movies). My screen is usually set at 70% which is ideal to me! 50% is a little bit too dark!
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halan50 wrote:

Found this blog which tested power consumption of Macs under various settings. Similar results to @Patrizia. 

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