Eco mode - is it really eco?
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sandra50 wrote:

I recently bought a washing machine with an "eco mode". Do I really save money/energy using this mode? It takes longer to wash the clothes.




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dain180 wrote:

A lot of these eco modes use passive ways to clean (clothes, dishes, etc) by lengthening the soaking bit in the program so the dirt has time to slowly get released, as opposed to the more intensive programs where this is done by more spinning, pumping, etc.

On washing machines the temperature is usually set (as in there's an eco and normal 40°C wash) so there's no temperature difference there, but on dishwashers this extra soaking means that they won't need to heat the water that much.

So bottom line is, try to plan ahead a bit and avoid the shorter, more intensive programs. As a general rule, electricity is the least carbon intensive during the night, so if you run your appliances overnight you'll both have the time for the longest eco programs and use energy when the demand is low so there's less pressure on the grid operator to get the dirty power stations running.

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js200 wrote:

What "eco mode" actually does depends on the appliance. You will have to measure it to see if it saves energy. Sadly, a lot of these modes are green-washing.

On my combi boiler "eco mode" turns off the hot water pre-heating so it isn't wasting gas when not in use. This means you need to run the taps a big longer to get them warm so will use a bit more water. It occasionally resets if the power is lost so you need to keep an eye on these things.

You can almost always set a washing machine to 30 degrees C and still get the same effectiveness of wash. The energy use will depend on the temperature of the incoming water. Motors use power but the main cost is the heating. You can also reduce the volume of the water by using a mini or half load setting.


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GaryB5930 wrote:

It probably washes at a lower temperature so that alone will save energy.  Check out the user manual for details.  

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