1) Who is behind the EnergyUse?

We are part of DecarboNeta research project funded by the European Commission to investigate behaviour towards energy conservation, and how social plattforms can help raising awarness and changing behaviour. The partners in this project are The Open University, Green Energy Options, University of Sheffield, WAAG Society from the Netherlands, WWF Switzerland, MODUL University in Vienna, and Vienna University of Economics and Business.


2) How does EnergyUse work?

We learn many things by exchanging experiences in daily life. By sharing online what we learn about our own consumption, we can spread the energy conservation idea to the world.

Periodically, we propose a different topic to be explored by the community. For example, we can discuss together the consumption for preparing your typical breakfast using a toaster, kettle, microwave, etc.

If you already own energy monitors, either purchased or received from us, then you can use your smart plugs to measure how much energy is consumed by your individual appliances at home or at work. Once you understand your own consumption and learn how to make smart choices, then you share with other people the things that worked (or didn't!) for you.

At any time you can also join existing discussions, support the good suggestions, or add new topics that you believe we should talk about.


3) Can I be part of that ?

If you just want to follow the discussions, they are open to everyone.

But sharing is caring... we want you to join the discussions!  To add your contributions, you have to Sign Up.

Currently, only energy meters from Green Energy Options can be directly connected to EnergyUse. If you want to connect your Green Energy Options energy monitors, you have to link your Energynote account (see next question).

If you received the monitors as part of the DecarboNet energy trial, you can easily connect your Energynote account in the Sign Up page. If you have other types of energy monitors from Green Energy Options, then you have to request their access by email.


4) What is Energynote? Are Energynote and EnergyUse the same thing?

Energynote is an online service provided by Green Energy Options for users of the energy monitors. It brings online the consumption data from the in-home display and also the on/off status of every appliance connected to a smart plug.

EnergyUse is this collaboration platform for sharing experiences. Your Energynote account can be connected with the EnergyUse for you to compare your consumption within the community.


5) How can I apply to receive energy monitors?

If you live in the UK or Europe (plug adapters are needed in this case), are older than 18 years and have Internet at home with a hub, you can apply to receive the monitoring devices. Fill this form to apply. We have a limited number of kits, though. If you are one of the lucky ones, then we'll provide you with  an energy monitoring device and a smart plug.

The Ensemble kit by Green Energy Options is composed of: display, sensor to be clipped close to the energy meter, transmitter, Internet bridge, and 1 smart plug. After the study, participants can retain the equipment received. Please note that if you have solar panels or any other type or microgeneration, the Ensemble kit will not be able to obtain the overall consumption.


6) How do I install the monitors?

You have to install the Internet bridge, the in-home display and the smart plug at home.  You also need to configure an Energynote account to monitor consumption online. Clipping the sensor and transmitter to monitor the overall consumption in the house is optional.                                       
Please follow these steps to set up your monitors:

Step 1                             

  • Connect the Internet bridge (square black device) to the black power supply. The device will turn on when you plug it into the mains supply.
  • Plug one end of the yellow Ethernet cable provided into the back of the Internet bridge and the other into an available port on your Internet router.
  • Establishing the Internet connection can take several minutes. Please wait for 10 minutes before proceeding to Step 2!

Step 2

  •   Follow Steps 1 to 4 of the Quick Start Guide (included in the box). 

Step 3                    

  • Log on to www.energynote.eu/start to set up your Energynote account.
  • Click the activation link in the “Welcome to Energynote®” email to complete your account setup.
  • You now land on the First-setup page. Click on the Ensemble Colour device image (even if your display is black and white!) to proceed.
  • Scroll down the page to the “Generate a SecureCode” section at the bottom of the web page to generate a SecureCode, enter it and set your location.                            

Step 4

  • Finally, click on Settings (the spanner icon) in the Energynote application and enter budget, tariff and schedule settings to complete setting up your system. You can also switch your smart plug on/off through Energynote.

For further information, check the Ensemble Colour Manual.


7) What happens to my personal data? 

The energy consumption data we collected will be kept secure and shared only anonymously amongst the project partners for research purposes only, under a shared confidentiality agreement. 
Analysed data can be used in an anonymous way in written reports, presentations and published papers relating to this study.

By request of the participant, all personal data can be removed, including the posts to this website. To request that, please email energytrialdecarbonet@gmail.com.


Any further questions or suggestions, please email energytrialdecarbonet@gmail.com.

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